• Daedalus Coil Builder

Daedalus Coil Builder

Daedalus Coil Builder

$ 49.99


The Daedalus Coil Builder turns building Clapton coils into a fast and easy process! Build flat Clapton coils, staple Clapton coils, fused Clapton coils, Alien Clapton coils, and many other styles with unmatched precision.

It is recommended to use 26 or 28 gauge wire for the Clapton cores, and the Daedalus Coil Builder requires two 18650 batteries to power its motor.

Comes with:

  • 2x Magical Clapton Tool
  • 2x Swivel Coastlock
  • 1x Smart Coil Jig
  • 1x Daedalus body
  • 1x Tool Clamp
  • 2x Screw Nuts
  • 2x Springs
  • 1x User Manual

Wire sold separately.

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