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Coil Master Battery Wraps

Coil Master Battery Wraps

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Damaged wraps are not only unsightly, they can lead to a short which may end dangerously. Protect yourself and your batteries with a stylish new wrap from Coil Master!

To apply, first remove the old wrap using a non-condictive tool (ceramic and plastic are ideal). Keep the insulator ring around the top cap, then slide the Coil Master wrap around the cell, leaving an equal overhang on the top and bottom. Apply heat evenly across the battery with a heat gun or blowdryer until the wrap snugly fits the cell.


Product Features:

  • Size: 71mm*29mm*0.05mm (18650 batteries)
  • Perfect for replacing a damaged PVC wrap on a battery or adding extra protection.
  • Heat gun recommended but a blow dryer should be sufficient.
  • 10 per pack

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