Furberry - Fresh cut pear and strawberry with a dollop of sweet and tart greek yogurt on top.

Yoder - A nice combination of yogurt and blueberry with subtle creamy undertones, this flavor is one you won’t be able to put down.

2-Can - Brings that familiar fruity cereal flavor in full force and takes you back to a simpler time when your only worry was if mom would let you have another bowl!

Kokomo - A light mix of coconut, mango and pineapple topped off with fresh ripe strawberries. A perfect summertime vape!

Blueberry Pudding - Creamy blueberry pudding flavored e-liquid.

Budda CakeA favorite among customers. Rich butterscotch mix with everyones favorite cupcake and a few other yummy things.

Hmmm!!! - Peanut butter mixed with a touch of white chocolate and a splash of our famous Envy flavor.

Red Ruby - Fresh vine ripened strawberry without any of the candied medicinal flavor that is often present in straight strawberry juices. Red Ruby takes what one would think of a simple flavor and elevates it to something so much more.

Black & Blue - Blue raspberry and blackberry with just a light hint of sweetness that tames the tartness of the blue raspberry and leaves you begging for more. Often described as a perfect blue raspberry slushy.

Frums Blood - Fresh blueberry and strawberry topped with a crisp, tart red raspberry. This blend is an absolute perfect hit of potent and flavorful berries.

Creamy Puddin - This juice is without a doubt our largest fan favorite. It's comprised of a silky smooth vanilla pudding with a light hit of wafer on the exhale.

Strawberry Envy - A pleasant mix of sweet strawberries and Vanilla Envy. Smooth, rich, creamy, and oh so yummy.

Vanilla Envy - All other vanilla flavors are envious of this one. Rich and creamy, this one really shines in a dripper.

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