Decibel- Decibel takes our average peanut butter cookie and blows it out of this world.  With 13 different extracts including cookie butter, milk chocolate, and butterscotch, there's no turning down this expertly detailed flavor. 70vg/30pg 

Equalizer- This lemon meringue, creme brulee cheesecake is perfectly balanced with candied coconut, sweet Boston cream, and rich banana cream for a smooth and silky vape that is equal parts decadent and delicious! 75vg/25pg

Frequency- Frequency combines a lemon Danish, cinnamon churro and buttery 'Oreo' pie crust for a unique trifecta of flavor that will tune your taste buds to delicious. 70vg/30pg

Remix- Remix stacks a blueberry Belgium waffle with Dutch apples, glazed in a cinnamon brown sugar and topped with hints of Bavarian cream, maple syrup, and whipped cream.  This new spin on classic flavors is one mashup you're sure to love. (60vg/40pg)

Vibration- You'll be picking up good vibrations with this triple vanilla custard paired with rich butterscotch Ripple and a perfectly toasted Almond amaretto cream. (70vg/30pg)

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