Bill Roche's Vape Story

Posted on 20 January 2016

My name is Bill Roche, former smoker of 11 years and avid vaper for the past 2 years. My mother and children are my biggest inspiration for quiting cigarettes. My mom lost her life to lung cancer about four years ago. She was a smoker for over 30 years. When she died I felt like i lost everything, but i didnt. I had my two beautiful daughters and wonderful fiance to keep me smiling. Every time i lit up after my mother passed away, i felt so guilty. I tried to quit all the time and nothing worked for me. I tried cigalikes and gum to no avail, until i googled "best ecigarette" and came across a top ten website. That was the day i learned about evods, ego batteries, pro tanks and mods. Later, On my way home from work i stopped by a local headshop to see if they even carried such a thing. THEY DID! After talking to the clerk for a while about how to fill the atomizer and operate my ego battery, i was out the door and in my car. After 5 click of my ego i was officially a vaper. About 20 different mods, 25 tanks, hundred of bottles of juice and a handful of rda's later; i can proudly say i am a hobbyist vaper. I now have 3 children that i will be able to live a full life with. They wont have to see what cigarettes can do to a parent. I love my children with all my heart. Im here to stay! That is my story! THANKS VAPEJOOSE!

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