Jeremy Grossett's Vape Story

Posted on 08 January 2016

My name is Jeremy J. Grossett. I am 41 years old. I am a US Navy Vet and have 2 wonderful children. This is my testimonial on how I quit smoking cigarettes and started vaping. As a kid I only tried smoking twice. One of the times I was caught my dad made me eat and smoke. To this day I cant even vape and eat at the same time. The other time I was caught my dad made me smoke of my grandpa's King Edward cigars. We called them dog turds cause chewed on them and made them look like dog turds. I didn't start smoking again until the night before I shipped out for boot camp. That was Feb 1993. I couldn't smoke in boot camp so you would think I wouldn't start again. But I did. I was roughly a 1 pack a day smoker. When I drank alcohol I would smoke a lot more and when I was driving (not drunk) I would chain smoke, one after another. I have been incarcerated and should have stopped. But of course I didn't. There's been times I would sell some of my stuff to pay for cigarettes. That sucked. I have used the gas station e-cigs and pen mods. They were never enough. On May 10th 2015 my friend Noah introduced me to a better way to vape. I went and picked him up and went to a vape shop. I tried a few flavors and decided on an iStick 50 watt and he gave me a plume veil RDA with clapton coils. After getting over the initial coughing and hacking up crap, i knew i was hooked. When I smoked I could only play with my kids for 5 minutes and have to sit down for 15+ minutes. I couldn't taste my food very well and I know I stunk. I went to my doctor prior to vaping and had a breathing test done. I had several dark spots on mylungs but they couldn't tell if it was bad or scars from colds years before. I haven't been back cause my insurance ran out. But I KNOW my lungs are better, I can feel it. I walked into a cell phone store and the sales woman said I smelled like sugar cookies. Made me laugh. Vaping changed my life and now I will be there for my kids. And that is the most important for me. Everywhere I go and someone asks me about vaping, I give them a short version of my story. I cant thank everyone enough who has helped me with vaping. I will do what I can to help anyone and everyone quit smoking cigarettes.Vaping has saved my life, and it can save yours. Thank you for reading my story and I hope it helps you quit smoking.

Thank You,

Jeremy J. Grossett

December 30th, 2015

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  • Elise: February 12, 2016

    I agree that it is a personal prrfeeence. I recommend that new users read as many reviews about the products that they can before purchasing a specific brand. It is an electronic device that you are investing in for long term use. Like TVs, radios, computers, etc. the cheaper the product the poorer the quality and the less you get for your money. I suggest trying a disposable electronic cigarette if you are not sure if you would use the product on a regular basis. Many people like the simplicity of the 2 part system, especially women. Men who love gadgets seem to prefer the 3 part system and exploring many brands instead of just one over time.

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