Posted on 28 December 2015

Welcome to the "My Vape Story" blog! Here we will feature our customer's stories about how they have used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes. We encourage all users to submit their vape stories for a chance to be featured on this blog as well as our social media profiles.

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  • ChristinaVapes: December 29, 2015

    I started smoking way to young, I was stealing my moms cigarettes and butts from the time I was 12 until 15 when I started getting my own packs. I was a full fledged smoker before my 16th birthday. Smoking was only the beginning for me, I got into smoking pot and drinking then when I turned 18 I got into heavy drug use and abuse. I used for 3 years. I’m 22yrd old now. I started Vaping 10-31-2014 and it changed my life. For the first time I didn’t crave cigarettes. I started at the highest nicotine level I could find 24mg and slowly have tapered my way to 3mg in the year and 2 months I’ve been Vaping. I haven’t had a cigarette in almost a year. I finally quit smoking when vapejoose found me through social media. One of the employees saw my Vape pics on Instagram and offered to sponsor me in exchange for being a brand ambassador! I have done promotional modeling for vapejoose for almost a year. They are half the reason I continued Vaping. There were times that I could afford to buy much liquid and there amazing prices are what kept me going. I would have started smoking again, no doubt in my mind if not for vapejoose. On another side it’s helped keep me clean. The hobby aspect of Vaping has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. I haven’t desired a drink or drug or cigarette in along time. It’s so freeing. Whenever I feel a craving coming I do my Vape thing, go to a shop, get on the social media sites, talk to my Vape fam, they keep me sane and sober. It’s amazing how many things Vaping has helped me achieve. I’ve gained friendships, work offers and much more. Mostly ive gained peace of mind. I don’t have a nasty smokers cough anymore, I don’t smell like cigarette butts or smoke I smell delicious lol and I have my friends and family because I don’t use. Coil building has become my most recent outlet to keep me busy. And if I feel afraid that I am gonna blow my money on drugs I go and buy a new mod or a few bottles of juice and instead of not having anything to show for it I have a nice thing to Vape with or a bottle of juice that’ll last more than a day! Vapejoose did a lot of this for me and I am ever grateful and loyal! I love where their company is going!
    Thank you vapejoose! For keeping me Vaping when I would have not been able!

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